3 Computer Languages you must learn

1. SQL

It is also called as Structured Query Language. SQL is easy to learn and understand you have to just require some knowledge about queries and you are done. Learning SQL language nowadays is so important, every field requires a database to stores their data. After learning SQL in details you can get post like Database Administrator. On today’s date Database Administrator play an important role for handling databases of several fields. Database Administrators has a good salary about $90,000!! Database technologies such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server requires for many fields as big businesses, small businesses, hospitals, banks, universities, Industries. Now a days there are huge demand for SQL Developers, Database Administrators in every sectors.


2. C
C Programming 3 program language

C, is the most popular language worldwide. Programs for microcontrollers to operating systems is written in C. C is very flexible and versatile language, allowing maximum control on operations with less commands. C is a base for every language, if you understand C properly then other languages like C++, JAVA etc, you can easily get understand. Programming in C is fairly easy because it uses basic commands in English Language. The software’s like compilers, language translators and operating systems are developed using C. After learning C you can get post like Programmer, Application Programmer, System Programmer. If you are interested in a career in computer programming, it would be wise to start by learning the C programming language. If you learn in details and be expert the you can easily be a System Programmer and now a days System Programmers have doubled salary than Application Programmers. On today’s date there are lot of opportunities for C programmers.


3. PHP
php 3 language to learn

It is also called as Hypertext Pre-Processor is a scripting language, running on the server, which can be used to create web pages written in HTML. Making an website with PHP makes the website secure. After learning the PHP you can either create your own websites or you can post like Website Developer, Website Designer etc, the salary of the Web Designer or Web Designer is somewhat in average but if you have the best knowledge it then the salary may go higher up to $80,000. PHP is a popular languages since its easy-to use for new programmers, but also offers many advanced features for more experienced programmers. PHP is mostly preferred all developers because it is use to understand and implement. In market there are huge demand for developers having knowledge of PHP.


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