5 Ways to Index Website on Google Fastly

Index Website on Google Fastly

Many people I have seen always searching for how to add a website to google? or how to index a website on google search engine? Actually, there’s not a big deal behind it. You just have to understand some basics, and then it will easy for you to Index Website on Google Fastly.

Did you really want to know how you can easily Index Website on Google Fastly? Well, you are at the right place if you are thinking I am going to tell any extraordinary things?. For to index website on Google, there’s not a rocket science that you have to learn. Simply you have to do is understanding the process of how Google works for ranking your website.

But form now you don’t have to learn anything or find anything for Indexing your website with Google. I will tell you 5 ways that I always use for Indexing my websites. Before one month I don’t know anything about this and I always thinks, why google not indexing site?
Then I found these solutions over it and after implementing it I get awesome results.

So, what mistakes I did I don’t want you to do that and work properly from the beginning, so that you can easily Index Website on Google Fastly.

Now, Let me tell you the 5 Best Ways to Index Website on Google Fastly:

1. Creating SITEMAP.XML File:

Creating SITEMAP.XML File

The important step you have to do after publishing your website is creating Sitemap for your website because it plays the most important role to index website on Google fastly.  You know sitemap is the best way to tell Google that your website is online and now index it. You can easily create your websites Sitemap by searching on Google or by watching videos on YouTube.

If you created your website Sitemap manually, then whenever you post something new on your website then you have to always add that post’s details in your Sitemap so that when Google crawler crawls your Sitemap they can find out the new post you published recently.

And if you are using WordPress then by using the plugin you can easily create a Sitemap. When using the plugin you don’t need to manually update the Sitemap file. If you posted something new your plugin will automatically detect it and add it to your Sitemap.xml file.

Your work does not end at creating only Sitemap file, the most important step is to submit it to Google Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console). If you don’t know what it is you can easily get more information on Google itself. It is a FREE tool provided by Google for monitor searches and activities on your website.

For submitting your Sitemap on Webmaster Tools, in the left bar, you have to click on CRAWL and then you can find the Sitemap option in it.

finding sitemap on search console

Once you are on Sitemap dashboard you have to click on ADD/TEST SITEMAP button in the upper right corner of the screen and submit your Sitemap file there.

submitting sitemap to google for faster indexing

Now you have submitted your Sitemap successfully, so its Google’s turn to find out your Sitemap and find out all the content in between it.


2. Create Blogs on WEB 2.0 sites:

Create Blogs on WEB 2.0 sites

Web 2.0 is the websites having high domain authority. So, just think if you get connected to these sites indirectly then it will be very easy to index website on Google fastly. You have to create a blog on Web 2.0 sites and post all new article you posted on your website. But always remember to add link’s in Web 2.0 sites blog to your website.

This is the best way to tell Google I have my blog’s on high DA (Domain Authority) sites. When google come on the Web 2.0 sites it will find your blog and on that blog, you have a link to your website. Right? So, crawlers crawl your website URL also. And that’s the reason it affects on indexing to work faster.

When you create your blog of these sites and post your articles there with links. You are not just posting articles there you are also getting quality backlinks and it’s also helping to increase your website’s authority.

Below are some high authority web 2.0 sites on which you can create your blogs:

  1. Tumbler
  2. Wix
  3. Sites.Google
  4. Sitey.me
  5. jigsy

Now you have the web 2.0 website’s, just go on each and every site and create your blogs there. This should increase your chances to index website on Google fastly.


3. Create RSS FEEDS for Website:

Create RSS FEEDS for Website

RSS Feeds are as same as sitemap with little changes. It has all the posts, categories etc., present on your website. It gets updated every time when you post something new to your website.

You just have to create it once that’s it afterward it will get automatically updated. It is one of the best and effortless way to telling search engines that there’s something new on your site. So, it will be easy for search engine crawlers to find out your new stuff easily.

For creating RSS Feed you have to go to Google’s RSS Feed site. When you go on this site you have to log in there with your Gmail email and password.

signup to google for rss feed for faster indexing

After login, you have to enter your blog/website address there and click on next.

clicking on next in feedburner for faster indexing

selecting feed option in feedburner for faster indexing

Then from these 3 options, you can select any you want and click on next. After that, you have to enter the feed title and the URL and click on next. Now you have successfully created your website’s RSS Feed. Now you can submit your RSS Feed where you want and increase visitors to your website.


4. Post Guest blogs:

Post Guest blogs

To be honest, it is one of the difficult part. Because here you have to submit your article on others website having a high ranking, good DA. You can find lots of blog there who allow you to publish a guest post on their website. But you have to always follow there guidelines and rules otherwise they will reject your proposal.

If you ever get a chance to post Guest Blog never miss it. This is golden chance for you to get one link from the high DA and high ranking website. This will surely increase your chances to rank higher in search engines and to index website on Google fastly.

When you are posting the guest blog on other’s website, always remember to include your links in that article. So that you will get an amazing backlink that will definitely help to grow your website.

I will be sharing the List of Guest Posting Websites, if you want it then you can simply comment below with your email id so that I can mail you the list.


5. Share on Social Media Sites:

Share on Social Media Sites

Social Media Sites are the best way get traffic on your website/blog without paying anything to anyone totally FREE. You never know how much you can get traffic to your site. Our website is getting 50% of traffic from social media sites itself.

So how it helps for indexing fastly on search engines?. When you share your website’s link on social media sites people click on it and they get redirected to your website. So, due to this much traffic on your website Google finds that the this is new website / new page that we haven’t crawl. Or when crawler crawl’s the social media sites they find your link and crawl that link also.

This is how social media sites work for you to index website on Google fastly and to get more traffic.

Below are the social media sites where you can share your website:

  1. Facebook
  2. Pinterest
  3. Twitter
  4. Scoop.it
  5. Google Plus
  6. YouTube (If you have any video kinds of stuff)

That’s it if you follow these steps it will be very easy for you to index website on Google fastly. Due to this, you can also increase traffic to your website.

Before ending, I have one awesome tip for you that can boost’s your traffic and also index your website on google faster. What you have to do is INTERLINKING. Find out which article has already indexed and having a high rank on google and on that article give the link on your newly published article. You will find the huge changes after implementing this.

You can also submit your URL to google on: Submit to Google to get faster indexing.

Now I hope you have understood this 5 Ways to Index Website on Google Fastly if you have any other ways to do this then let me know in comment section.

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