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Welcome to Barontuts, This is an online blog about providing tutorials on various technical aspects, technology and technical knowledge related to computers and mobiles, in addition to this, we also provide the Programs on various languages. You will find out that I have covered topics like Computers, Internet, Mobiles, Tricks and Tips and Computer Language Programs on JAVA Programming, C Programming, PLSQL Programming and many more to come.
In case, if you find anything difficult or anything you won’t understand then you can contact me and very soon I will be helping you out. If you got some suggestions for my articles and for my blog then you can share your views to me.
BaronTuts is a platform where we love to help people’s those who are face problems in INTERNET World.

The Person behind BaronTuts

Myself Rahul Wayde. I am WordPress Developer and Designer. I have completed many WordPress development and designing projects. Also I have experience in PHP Development and Custom WordPress Development.
Currently as WordPress Developer I have more than one year experience also having one year experience as PHP Developer.
I have more experience in computers knowledge as I have great interest in this, So through this blog I am sharing my interest my knowledge with you. I always try to post something new I learned and I hope it is helping you a lot. I am Indian Student who started with YouTube and now helping you with this blog.

The person behind BaronTuts

So, Keep supporting us and encourage me to post best articles daily!! 

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