How to Add Custom Featured Image in Blogger

How to Add Custom Featured Image in Blogger

Do you want to know How to add custom featured Image in Blogger? then you are at the exact place. I will show you how you can easily set a featured image in blogger. Article without a featured image is like school without students. The featured image actually tells everything about your article, if you make an attractive featured image then there are high chances of getting more visitor on the article. This much-featured image is important for every article.

To summarize, featured image describes the article in just one look from the visitor. It is always recommended for bloggers to put the featured image for getting more views.

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In blogger, post thumbnail or featured image is fetched as a very first image of your article, but still, you can easily make customization to set a featured image. So now in this article, I will show you How to add custom featured Image in Blogger?

How to add custom featured Image in Blogger?

Now follow all the steps I have given below to add post thumbnail in blogger:
  1. Go to and login to your account.
  2. Now decide whether you want to edit the previous post or create a new post in blogger account.
  3. On the editor, add an image at the top which you want to use as featured image.adding image in blogger
  4. Once the image is added to the editor, you just have to right click on the image and click on copy image address.copying image address in blogger
  5. Now you got the image address, like the address shown below:

If your image is at the bottom and you want to add that image as a featured image in an article. Then it doesn’t matter you just have to follow this simple step and get the image address properly.

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Now you have the image address link, now get ready to set post thumbnail in an article.

Let’s add custom featured Image in Blogger:

Copy the following HTML code to set up the featured image in blogger.

<img scr=’image-address-link’ style=’display:none;’>

Here image-address-link is the image link address that you have copied. You have to paste that image link there, now your code will look like this:

<img scr=’’ style=’display:none;’>

Is this is enough for adding featured Image in Blogger? No, not yet you have remembered two things:

  1. Change the “image-address-link” with the image URL which you have copied.
  2. Make sure to add this add this code at the starting of HTML tab in blogger post editor.

    pasting image link address in html in blogger

So, that it now you can easily add custom featured image in blogger. Now just try it at yourself and tell me whether it works or not, if you face any issue then simply comment below I will help you out.


  1. i literally followed your steps and it does not work for me.. the videos i have from youtube in my post are overriding the image i have in my post even though it’s already a first image… i tried to apply the same thing to html with a link to my picture and nothing changed, it’s still showing the thumbnail of the video in my post… I really don’t get it 🙁 this is the post: and this is how its showing (on chrome it does not even work, it’s showing only blank space…) –… i am really desperate to figure out what is wrong but nothing works

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