Convert Files to any format without Software

convert files to any format without software

Convert Files to any format without Software:

For Converting Files without any software follow below steps:
(For better understanding you can refer from the screenshots I have posted below)

Step 1: Go to your browser and search for zamzar and go for first result, or click here to open zamzar.
The website’s home page will open as shown below:


Step 2: If you want to create account for Zamzar then you can create. But without creating account you can use it.
So I will not create account. So, now click on choose file and select the file which you want to convert into any format.


Step 3: Select in which format you want convert the file, search for a format and select that. (you can select as per your requirement).


Step 4: Now for converting you have to enter your any email id where they can send you a download link.
(Feel Free to enter your Email id they will never send you a promotional email or any spams).


After entering your email id click on convert.


Step 5: So now you have to check you Mail Box you will find one new email from Zamzar . Open that and find the download link and click on that.


Step 6: Now you will be on download page, you have to just click on download now and the download will be started. Open downloaded file and you are done!!


Just following this steps you can easily convert any file to any format. Check for all the the formats given there.

If you have any problem feel free to comment so we can help you.

For better understanding check out video: Click Here

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