Download Oracle for FREE

Download Oracle for FREE:

For Downloading Oracle for FREE do as follow:
(For better understanding you can refer from the screenshots I have posted below)

Firstly you have to download Oracle, so for downloading Oracle click on below link.
Download Oracle from here: Click Here

After clicking on the link you will be on the download page, now scroll your mouse on oracle folder and a download button will appear you have to click on that as shown below:


Clicking on the download button will show some message like can’t scan the file for viruses, don’t worry ignore that message and click on download anyway:


Now your download will be started, it will take almost 15 minutes for download if your Internet Speed is good otherwise more depending on Internet speed.
After downloading has completed go to your download folder and find that oracle file which you have downloaded.

Now, you will need to extract the file, for that you will require WinRar, if you don’t have this then you can easily download it from google.

After downloading WinRar install it, after installing go to that Oracle folder and right click on that
and click on extract here.


After extracting one folder named DISK1 will be created as below:


Now open that folder and simply double click on the setup file.

Your installation starting process will be started it will take 5-10 mins to complete.


When the starting/preparing process is over click on Next button.



Then on next window click on I accept terms in the license agreement and again click on Next.


One more window will open on that you can choose a folder where you want to install the Oracle, you can select other folder or keep as it is and then again click on Next.

Next window will come, on that your username of the Oracle Admin will come and that will be SYSTEM. You have to only type your password and click Next.


The installation process will get started, it will take 10 mins again for install.
After completing the installation click on Finish.



Now you have to go to your browser and copy and paste this link into browser: http:/.¬†OR [download id=”888″]
You will be on Admin page of Oracle, here you have to click on Application Express.


You will be on the new page where you have to enter your username and password.
Your username will be SYSTEM and enter a password which you had enter during installation.
Click on Login button.


Now you have to create one new workspace, do as shown below:
Database Username you can enter anything you want.
The password can be anything you want.
After filling all details click on Create Workspace.


Now on next page on top you will see one page, on that click on click here to login.


You will be redirected to the user login page, where you have to enter your user’s username and password and click Login.


So now you have successfully login as user, so for executing query click on SQL Workshop.


And again click on SQL Commands.


Now you are on editors page where you can execute a query or you can write PostgreSQL programs.


There are lot many options you can check it if you want.

For opening Oracle Admin login page Copy the link and paste in your browser: http:/.
For opening User’s login page Copy the link and paste in your browser:

If you have any problem related to this topic feel free to comment below or you can contact us, we will try to help you out.

For better understanding check out the video: Click Here

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