Hide and Show hard drives in Computer

hide and show hard drives in computer

Hide and Show hard drives in Computer:

For hiding and showing Hard Drives on Computer do as follow:
(For better understanding you can refer from the screenshots I have posted below)

Firstly I will show you which Drive I am going to hide.


From this I am going to hide a Drive named Rahul (F;). For this go to This PC or My Computer icon on your desktop and right-click on that after clicking select the manage option from that.


After clicking on manage you will on another window where you have to watch out left sidebar and search for Disk Management under storage and click on that to open.


Now the new window will open with the all Hard Drives available in your computer. So, in this, you have to select which Hard Drive you want to hide and right click on that and select a Change Drive Letter and paths option. As shown below:



After clicking that option one box will open in front of you and that’s where you will get the option to remove your drive. So when the box/Window will open you have to just click on Remove.


After clicking on Remove you will get one confirmation/alert window on that you have to click on YES as follow:


After clicking on YES you have done with removing or hiding your Drive. You can check it at your This PC or My Computer. Watch below screenshot the Drive Rahul (F;) we have selected to hide is not there. It is totally hidden from us.


So, now for bringing that Drive back you have to reverse all process. Again go to This PC or My computer icon and right click on that.

After that you will be on same window, then again click on Disk Management. Now the list of Drives will come you have to select which Drive you have hided and right click on that and again select Change Drive Letter and paths option. As below:


After that one box/window will open on that you have to click on ADD button, again one window will open and then you have to select Assign the following drive letter: and click on OK.


Now you have successfully brought that hided Drive back to their position.


So like this, you can Hide or Show Hard Drives from your Computer.

For better understanding check out the video: Click Here

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