Hide Folders using Command Prompt

Hide Folders using Command Prompt:

For to Hide Folders using Command Prompt do as follow:
(For better understanding you can refer from the screenshots I have posted below)

Here’s the folder named Secret which we are going to hide:

folder want to hide

Firstly find the location of the Folder which you want to hide. You can find it by just by opening the folder and going in the address, as i have show below:

getting location of folder

You have to just click on that box and the address will appear, now copy that address and paste somewhere in notepad, so that we can use it later on.

Then, now go to your search box and search for Command Prompt:

Command prompt opening

After clicking on that your Command Prompt will open:

opened cmd


Now we have to type: attrib +s +h and paste the location of that folder which we copied before, as shown below:

+ + attrib

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After doing this, press enter and you will notice that the folder is now hidden. Now no can find your hide folder anywhere in your computer.

If you try any option in your computer like show hidden folders then too your folder will not get shown.
Now only you know there’s a secret folder and you have hidden something precious in it.

I hope you have understood how you can “Hide Folders using Command Prompt “, so now let’s bring back the folder.

So for now bringing back your folder, do same as we have done for hiding, just change ‘+’ to ‘-‘.

I will show how, follow as below:

Now you have to type again attrib -s -h and the location of the folder that i have told you to save in a notepad so that you don’t need to remember that:

- - attrib

After typing this press enter and you will be done with this, you will see the folder which we have hide is displayed again. So, it’s very to Hide Folders using Command Prompt and I hope you also have understood it.

So, if you have any problem occurs then you can simply comment below so that we can help you out.

For better understanding watch video:

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