How to Add Watermark to Videos using Camtasia

How to Add Watermark to Videos using Camtasia

How to Add Watermark to Videos using Camtasia:

For Adding Watermark to Videos follow the below steps:
(For better understanding you can refer from the screenshots I have posted below)

We will be doing all things in Camtasia, so I am hoping that you know how to edit videos on Camtasia.

First work is your’s, you have to edit your videos as you want and then after all editing has been done to your video, you will be clicking on Produce and Share.

clicking on produce and share option in camtasia

After clicking on Produce and Share, the option of choosing video format will come. There you have to choose custom production setting as below and press Next.

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selecting custom production setting in camtasia

After clicking on Next one new window will open where you will be able to select the format of the video as you want and click on Next. For better quality of video choose the first Recommended option i.e MP4.

choosing the format in camtasia for watermark

Now you will on a window where you can edit the Smart Player, i.e how you want to display the video playing option.
Edit all recommended setting and again for Next.

editing smart player option in camtasia for watermark

Now on this Window you will one checkbox with label Include Watermark, you have to check that box and you will able to edit the options where you can actually select the watermark picture for your video.

clicking on include watermark option in camtasia

After Checking the Include Watermark checkbox, you have to click on options just below that checkbox, and click on Next.
Watch the video at the end of the article to understand it better.

clicking on option button for watermark in camtasia

As you on Options button you will be on one new window wherein Image Path Label you have to choose the Image from your computer to set as a watermark.

Note: Choose PNG Image for a better result.

selecting the watermark pic from device in camtasia

After choosing Image you can edit the setting for adjusting the watermark on the video. You can choose Effects, Size, Position and many other options available there. After all, setting has been done just click on Ok and then Next.

editing setting for setting up watermark in good place

clicking on next after all seeting has been done in camtasia

Now just enter your video name and simply click on Finish. Now your video will start rendering, so wait for some time and then check out your video you will find now your video has a watermark.

clicking on finish in camtasia for watermark

I hope that you have understood “How to Add Watermark to Videos using Camtasia“.

For better understanding watch video:

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