How to Create Android App Without Coding

How to Create Android App Without Coding

How to Create Android App Without Coding:

For Learning How to “How to Create Android App Without Coding” follow the below steps:
(For better understanding you can refer from the screenshots I have posted below)

Have you ever try to make an Android App but you’re nor able to make any just because of coding, which is somewhat difficult to understand. So, here’s the solution for you!! 

Now, you can create an Android App for your Website without using any code. You have just simply enter your website url and you are done!!

So, lets from the first, which is going to a website where you can actually make a Android App. Go to and search for web2apk the first result will come you have to open that link, or click here to go to web2apk website. As shown below:

searching web2apk on google

After going for first result you will on create page of where you can see some options where you can enter you all website details.

filling the form on web2apk

On this page you have to enter your website URL, then the title of your app and the icon of your app. You can choose anything you want.
After filling this form you can create the app, but I will suggest you click on Show Advanced Setting so that you can able to edit some other options for your Android App. After clicking on Show Advanced Setting some new options will come:

advance setting options in web2apk

Here are some other options that you can edit. For learn in details, you can watch the video at end of this article.

editing in advance setting in web2apk

For editing, you have to click on the black box and you can able to edit text there and put any message you want to display when the user performs any operations.

After all the editing has done you have to click on Create My App.

clicking on create my app in web2apk

As you click on the Create My App button you will be directed towards next page where you have to wait for some time so that they can fix all setting for your app.

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clicking on download youn android app in web2apk

As soon as your all setting will be done the download link for your website will appear. Now you have to just click on the link as shown above and your download will be started. 

After the file has download transfer that files to your mobile and install it, and you can use it very easily.
So, I hope that you have understood “How to Create Android App Without Coding“.
If you faced any problem feel free to comment below so that I can help you out.

For better understanding watch video:

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