How to Delete Quick Heal Backup Folders

How to Delete Quick Heal Backup Folders OR How to Delete cfrbackup Folders:

For Learning “How to Delete Quick Heal Backup Folders” follow the below steps:
(For better understanding you can refer from the screenshots I have posted below)

Did you get Frustrated ever when you find a Folder which is created by your Antivirus i.e Quick Heal and which is not get deleted? You might have tried to delete it for many times but it not get deleted.

So, in this tutorial, I will clear your concept for deleting such folders. Let’s start with How to Delete Quick Heal Backup Folders OR cfrbackup Folders!!

The screenshot below shows the backup folder which is created by Quick Heal.

backup folders of quick heal

If you try to delete these folders, it shows one error that Folder Access Denied. Then too if you pressed continue it will give the same error and ask you to Try Again.

after clicking delete on backup folder

If you click Try Again then too nothing will happen the same popup window will come again and again and ask you to keep Try Again.

after clicking continue

Well, I know its too Frustrating. I too face this problem many times, but after some research on web finally, I got a solution. So here’s the solution for How to Delete Quick Heal Backup Folders.

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For delete such types you have to open your Quick Heal:

quick heal opened for deleting folder

Then now click on the setting tab which I highlighted in above screenshot. Go there and click on that.

Now find the Self Protection option in a setting. I have shows it in below screenshot. You can find it easily.

finding self protection tab

Now after you find the Self Protection option, you have to turn it off. As you click on off one warning will show up.

But you have to just click on ok and then the Self Protection will be turn off.

warning popup for quick heal back folder

self protection turn off

After turning off the Self Protection go to that backup folders again. And again try to delete it and BOOOOOOM!! You will find that the cfrbackup folder has deleted.

This is how you can easily Delete the cfrbackup Folders Or Quick Heal Backup Folders.

So, finally, you got your answer for which you have wasted much time on searching.

Before ending up I ‘ll suggest that after deleting the backup folders again turn on your self-protection option so that your computer will be safe.

I hope that you have understood How to Delete Quick Heal Backup Folders | cfrbackup Folders, if you face any problem then feel free to comment below so that I can help you out.

For better understanding watch video:

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