How to do Keyword Research for Website

keyword research for website

Before turning to the what exactly Keyword Research is, lets learn something more basic of How to do Keyword Research for Website.

So what exactly the keyword research is?

In a easy word Keyword is an word which we usually use to search on search engines.


We can say that keywords are the most common words and phrases people type in Google or any other search engines to search for the information/products/services/images they are searching for.

So, in order to rank our site in any search engine we need to do proper keyword research for website to find out the relevant keyword that people are searching for.

Because no matter how much quality articles your website has, if people are not searching for those keywords you are targeting, then your article is of no use, your hard work will no more beneficial.

We can find lot many people struggling with the keyword research or not finding the good keywords best for their business even though they having tons of traffic to their website.

Let’s begin with the main topic for which you are here.

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How to do Keyword Research for Website:

So for doing the keyword research, we will consider the example of website that selling shoes, now just follow the easy steps mentioned below,

Step 1:

Always think that you are the customer and you want to buy the shoes, ask yourself If you want to buy the shoes online what you would be searching for?


What are the query you will be searching for?


What you will be using to find out the desired requirement?

Step 2:

We all know whenever its come to buy anything online we mostly focus on the best quality and comfort.

So for buying anything I will open my browser and I will go to google and best branded s.

Now, what will I get here?

Yes, Some keyword idea’s,


best branded shoes
best branded sandles
best branded sneakers

Now I have do some Keyword Research for Website, but these keywords are short and having high competition. So, it is always better to go with long keywords.

If I want to target long tail keywords (as they are comparatively easy to rank) what will I do now?

Again I will go to Google, and I’ll type in search bar something like

Best branded shoes [space],

Now I’ll get some more keyword ideas, such as

Best branded shoes for men
Best branded shoes for women
Best branded shoes under 1000

These are the keywords people’s are actually searching for on Google.

Step 3: 

Now for carrying out the above search results, you have to search for the most generic terms.

You will be surprise that most of the keywords you will find in Google will have very low searches mostly among that are 0 searches.

But ignore that, because suppose if I choose to write an article on

‘The 8 Most famous sneakers of 2017″,

the search volume would be 150 for famous sneakers.

If I look up at the top ranking websites in SERP, and see their top ranking keywords, I get

Best sneakers of all time : 600 search volume generating 412 traffic per month.

Coolest shoes ever : 1400 search volume, 1431 traffic generating per month.

You will find out that they are one and the same keyword but with variations.

But now if you search for the keyword ‘famous shoes’ you will get the same search results covering ‘best shoes’ and ‘coolest shoes’.

That’s because Google is smart enough to know they are the same search queries only people type in the above keywords more frequently.

So, it is obvious that after carefully analysing the backlinks and traffic per month, you will select the keywords.

Step 4:

Now you have the keyword after following the above 3 steps, search for that keyword on the Google and you will come up with the top results so go through that URL’s and try to make content similar to that or even better.

Make the catchy title and write the quality content targeting the main key words.

Always try to write a same title of your competitor with little variations (but not changing the main keyword).

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Tips to do Keyword Research for Website:

Don’t be dependent on keyword research tools, or any other tool for that matter, they are not accurate, they are for just some rough estimation.

You have to do it manually for the better results.

Go to forum sites or social media site such as Quora, Reddit, Facebook groups, type keyword you want to write article on, see what people are looking for analyse those keywords and use it.

As soon as you create content on the popular keywords found on these forums, answer those same questions on Quora and link them to your blog article.

Due to this your article will also get index faster and it will help in ranking factor also.

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  1. I generally overlook this process of keyword research. But your article makes sense. To beat the competition, one must use strong keywords. Thank you . Really helpful.

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