How To Download Images For Website

download images for website

Do you have a blog? or you write content for your website? Then you must know how important images are, and how much they are useful in websites. But finding proper images with no copyright is a bit difficult and we always stuck on How To Download Images For Website?

Well, it’s not that hard to find images for the website. I will tell you some websites from which you can easily download high-quality images.

Before starting I will tell one fact, whenever you stuck on finding images for website, you first go on google and search images there.

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I used to do it before, then I come to know that if we download Images which was uploaded by someone else then they have full right to do a copyright case on your website. So, it’s always better to play the safe side.

You can download images from google if you use filters, then there will be no problem to use existing google images on your website. So How To Download Images For Website from google?

> Go on Google Image Search Page


> Search for the Image you want to download (I have searched for playing kids)

download images for website

> Now just click on Tools to apply filter


> Then click on USAGE RIGHTS


> Now select Labeled For Noncommercial Reuse With Modification

download images for website

After selecting Labeled For Noncommercial Reuse With Modification the images will appear, now from those images, you can download any images and no one will raise copyright against your website.

I hope you have now understood how to download images for website from google.

Now, let’s start with the main topic and I will give you the best websites from which you can find high-quality images for FREE.

Below is the list of the websites with its link.

  1. Pixabay :
  2. Pexels :
  3. Freerange :
  4. Flickr :
  5. Unsplash :

These are 5 websites to get the images for your site and you can download unlimited pictures from it. With better size to make your website more optimized. If you don’t know how to optimize a website and make it faster check the link now: Speed Up WordPress Website

If you know more websites from where we get images for our websites, then let me know in comments.

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