How to Earn Free Bitcoins by Solving Captcha

How to Earn Free Bitcoins by Solving Captcha

How to Earn Free Bitcoins by Solving Captcha:

For Earning Bitcoins Online follow the below steps:
(For better understanding you can refer from the screenshots I have posted below)

Firstly you have to Register on for that Click Here.

For Earning More must click on this link FREEBITCO.IN

After Clicking on the link you will directed to the Sign Up page. Where you have to just enter your username/email and password and you will easily Register for your account.

bitco sign up

After registration has been completed go to your registered email inbox and you will find one mail from for the verification. There you have to simply click on the verification link and you will be directed again

freebitco verification email

Now just Login to your account and now you will able to earn some bitcoins there.

free bitco login

On the First Page of at the bottom you will find one Captcha you have to just click on that and wait for confirmation and after confirmation click on Roll.

clciking on roll in free bitco

Your Roll will get started and any random number will come. You will find one chart above of Numbers and Bitcoin between that range.

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You will get paid bitcoin on the basis of that numbers. And again after 1 hour from the previous Roll you will able to Roll again.

freebitco after roll

You also can multiply your bitcoins by playing Multiply BTC game. You have to fill all the required stuff on that and the just click on Bet Hi or Bet Lo. You can select any as you want. You will find many videos related that on YouTube.

multiply btc

You can also earn bitcoins by the interest on the number of bitcoins you have, but you must have Satoshi more than 30000.

earn btc with interest

The best way to earn money is by playing the Lottery. On each Roll, you will get some Lottery Ticket and you can also buy that to win Lottery of maximum 0.1 btc. The more Lottery Ticket you have there are more chances of winning.

Free bitco Lottery

You can also increase the BTC amount of your Roll by having the huge amount of Rewards Points. If you have more Rewards Points you can use it for many ways.

freebitco encash reward points

So, for earning Bitcoins there are many ways on you can try any of them but most popular is BTC Roll.

I hope that you have understood that How to Earn Free Bitcoins by Solving Captcha if you face any problem then comment below, we will try to help you.

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