How to gain maximum outreach with Instagram

In today’s modern age, you, your friends and family always stay connected with each other. Because you have all the necessary tools and applications with updated software and versions that keep you in touch every second. Social media spreads like a virus in the whole world and everybody is busy chatting with one another. Lots of applications and sites are available on the Internet that keeps you busy and preoccupied all the time.

Nobody cares whether you are on Instagram for enjoyment or any business promotion but you care about your business growth.  It does not matter why you are on Instagram, all you need is a fan following. Instagram is the most used app in the world with over 200 million active users on regular basis. This platform is great for networking, building business promotions and sharing content. Unfortunately, this platform does not allow you to download and save your desired media, but every problem has a solution. You may have many solutions but Downloader4insta is a wonderful and easily approachable website where you can download and save instagram videos without any delay. Also don’t worry if you are preoccupied with the thought of improvement in your followers. You don’t need to stick there for this reason, although it is a big issue but you can easily get over it.

Here are some basics to start with before you can start to grow your following:

Be confident about your Theme:

First of all, you need to drag yourself on the right track, so that your direction determines your success. People post the pictures of their kids, and ads of the business and millions of photos of pets. But not everybody becomes their follower, only a specific number of people like their posted stuff and others even don’t want to see those posts. What are you trying to promote on Instagram is the thing you need to be clear about and then stick to that.

Eye-catching Username with Profile Photo:

It is strongly recommended to use the same knob across all of your social channels. Be connected with your username and your profile photo. It will be more convenient for your followers to see you across all the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. If your account is relevant to fashion industry or makeup than you should try to use your profile photo with some trendy fashionable style or using makeup products.  

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Your Bio is your Identity:

Your bio allows people to know about your account. Your bio must be comprehensible that provides straight line about you and your theme. For example: “I’m a pet lover! Expect photos, videos of pets and many tricks about pets.” You can add website link in your account for further approach. Instagram is a great place to promote and share your brand and content very easily.

Like and Comment on Posts:

Once you have set your theme you will go in that direction that will give you a huge figure of followers. Start liking and commenting on the posts that are relevant to your theme. When you hit like, people will notice your presence and they might see your profile and can click on the follow icon for you. Once you have started this technique you will notice a serious difference in your account and fan following. Search for the most popular tags and start liking them. It takes time but it’s more valuable in the end. You have to keep trying commenting at as many posts as you can. And yes, keep in mind that your comments must be nice and positive always.  

Consistency in your posting

Your theme is defined and your content is ready to post, but there must be consistency in your posts. Your posts must be valid and consistent in a way that people start liking them without any delay and without any hesitation. Don’t post too much as people may get offended about your content and may unfollow you. Post your content at the right time when your targeted audience is possibly active and ready to follow and like your posts. Post when people are most likely to be checking their Instagram: Morning, at lunch or after work.

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Tayyab Saqlain is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Instagram Downloader, Home Decorers, VoVo Gifts, Qari Saab.

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