How to hack CCTV camera just in 3 steps

How to hack CCTV camera

How to hack CCTV camera just in 3 steps:

For hacking CCTV cameras easily do as follow:
(For better understanding you can refer from the screenshots I have posted below)

There are so many open CCTV networks so then we can easily watch them by doing nothing just by searching some cam query and we can get access to it.

Firstly open your browser(any browser) and go on and then simply search like this “view.shtml” copy this with double quotes and hit enter.

cctv hack search

Now in search result open any of the links and you will find the CCTV camera footage which is live.

cctv hack search result

WOOOOHOOOO!! You have hacked CCTV camera just in 5 minutes.

hacked cctv camera

(It’s not hacking we actually work smartly just to search the CCTV camera which are live and which are open to all so that anyone can get access to it)

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