How to hide document file in image

how to hide document file in image

For hiding document file into image follow below steps:

(For better understanding you can refer from the screenshots I have posted below)

Step 1: Gather the file you wish to bind into image, and the image file, and place them in one folder. Here I will be using new folder.

new folder

The new folder contains one simple text file and one image which we will bind together.

   -The image will hereby be referred to an example as jonny.png
   -The file will hereby be referred to an example as hide.txt


Step 2:  Add the file/files you will be injecting into the image into a WinRar .rar or .zip. From here on this, we will be referred this saved file to as (secret.rar or

For adding your hide.txt file into .rar or .zip, right click on hide.txt and click on add to archive(As Shown Below).

add to archive


Now enter the Archive name as secret.rar and press ok!! (As Below)

archive name


So, now we have 3 files in our new folder: txt file,png or image file and .rar file (As Below)


Step 3: Now open a command prompt by going to Start and in search bar type cmd and hit enter. The command prompt will get opened.

open cmd

Step 4: In Command Prompt, navigate to the folder where your three files are there, that means our new folder. You can do this by typing your directory name first and then after the folder name.
In this case directory name is G and folder name is new folder.
So you can open folder as shown below.


Step 5: Type copy /b jonny.png + secret.rar jonny.png and hit enter as shown below

photo path

You have done binding the document file into image. This file will looks like a PNG, acts like a PNG, and is a PNG, yet it now contains your document file.

For opening that document file which is inserted into image file you can simply right click on the image, open with WinRar and your document file will be there as given below.

open with win rar in hide mgs in image



For more understanding check out our video:

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