How to Make Channel Art for YouTube

How to Make Channel Art for YouTube

How to Make Channel Art for YouTube:

For Making Channel Art for YouTube follow the below steps:
(For better understanding you can refer from the screenshots I have posted below)

Firstly go to your Browser and Search for Canva and go for the first result come on your screen.

search canva for channel art

After Opening that result now you have to create a new account there. You can use your FACEBOOK account or your GOOGLE account or you can simply sign up with your Email also. But for faster access go for FACEBOOK.

canva signup for youtube channel art

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After creating your account on Canva you have to now login with your username and password. After logged in you will be on Canva’s home screen where you can see various options for creating different things, but for now we will only stick to How to Make Channel Art for YouTube.

canva account created

Now on very first section under Popular Design Types you will find a layout for YouTube Channel Art you have select that option as follow:

select youtube channel art in canva

After clicking that you will directed towards a page where you actually can design or edit your YouTube channel art the screen will look like:

channel art edit page

On this screen take a look on your screen’s left sidebar you will see the layouts there, from which you can select any on you like or any which is comfortable for your YouTube Channel. You can also search for specific type of layout you want.

select youtube channel art layout

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For learning “How to Make Channel Art for YouTube” you must know the Niche of your YouTube Channel, so than you will be able to choose the best layout and able to edit the best one.

If no such layout is their which is matching with your Channel, then you can simply create as yourself using the very left sidebar. Where you can select the Font, Pictures, Backgrounds, you can also upload your own images also.

sidebar look in canva

After selecting a layout you will be able to edit that, You can change the text within layout with your channel name, you can change the color of the text, you can change the font of the text, you can bold it, and many other options available for best editing your YouTube Channel Art.

edited channel art in canva

After all changes has been done now you can able to download it. In the upper right corner you can see the download button for where you can download your channel art. Simply click on download button and there you will find the list of format you want. You can choose any format from that, but i will suggest you to only go for PNG format. So, after selecting the format click on download and your download will be started soon.

So, now just go to your YouTube Channel and fixed the brand new channel art their.

For Better Understanding Watch Video Below:

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