How to make money on YouTube using Adsense

How to Make Money on YouTube using Adsense:


YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing website in the world which is also a host partner site of Google.Many thousands of videos are uploaded on YouTube on a single day, and you may have noticed that there are ads on starting or ending of videos or sometimes in between the videos. These ads appear on the videos are of Google AdSense and from these ads, people are making money on YouTube.So when someone clicks on the advertisement Google pays to the person who has uploaded the video and monetized it.So now let’s see how you can make money using your YouTube channel.

If you have not created YouTube channel then search on YouTube itself to see how you can create your own YouTube channel.

For making money on YouTube the most important thing you will need is videos.Your videos should be unique and should not be the copy of any videos(I will also show you how to make money on YouTube without uploading videos!! so stay connected).Make videos of your own interest area so that you can easily make videos.Videos should be created professionally by you and make your videos creative and interesting so that many people will like that and watch your video till the end.

The most important thing you need to do is to select a niche of your interest area for YouTube videos.Your niche should be good and have the more search results.

More Searches = More Views = More Ad Clicks = More Money

(For starting making money online follow the below short steps and enjoy earnings)


Short Steps:

  • Create your YouTube channel.(click here)
  • Select proper niche to have more search result.
  • Make good and interesting videos.
  • Setup & linked AdSense and YouTube account.
  • Start earning!!

So now you have learned how to make money with YouTube videos,so enjoy your earning.


If you have any difficulty feel free to comment below our team will to try solve your problems.

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