Increase Internet speed by changing DNS servers

Increase Internet speed by changing DNS servers:

For increasing internet speed easily do as follow:
(For better understanding you can refer from the screenshots I have posted below)

For changing the DNS server of your network follow the method I have shown below.

Firstly go to your computer’s control panel simply just by searching in the search bar.

search control panel for dns

After that simply click on Network and Internet option in control panel.

network and internet for dns

Some option will open in the next window you have to just click on Network and Sharing Center.

network and sharing center for dns

On the new window, your connected network name will show, you have to click on that name and one popup window will open in front of you.

show connected network for dns


On that popup window you have to click on properties and again one popup window will open.

click on properties for dns

properties popup for dns

Now we have only focused on two options, be careful don’t mess with other options.
1. Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)

2. Internet Protocol Version 6(TCP/IPv6)

We will only make changes to this two options only.

focus on two for dns

Firstly we will make changes in Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4):

On popup window double click on Internet Protocol Version, 4(TCP/IPv4) and again one window will open up.


Now in this, you have to check on Use the following DNS server addresses option.


After clicking on that option you will able to enter the DNS servers. Now you have to manually enter the DNS server address, so refer the below address and enter as it is in the correct field.

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:

dns chng 4

After entering correctly click on OK and we have done with Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4).

Now we will make changes in Internet Protocol Version 6(TCP/IPv6):

For this also we have to follow the same steps as we have done for Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4).

Again come on below window and double click on  Internet Protocol Version 6(TCP/IPv6).

ip6win for dns

Now again one window will open and you have to check  Use the following DNS server addresses option. Now you will be able to enter the DNS server address.

ip6win2 for dns

Refer the below DNS address and enter correctly.

Preferred DNS server: 2620:0:ccc::2

Alternate DNS server: 2620:0:ccd::2

Make sure you have correctly entered the address without any spaces.

dns chng 6

And now click OK and we have done. Now you can check your internet speed will be increased.

If you face any problem feel free to comment below we will help you out.

For better understanding watch video:

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