Neobux “The King Of PTC”

Today i will tell you how to earn money with Neobux, there is a huge possibility to make $20 to $30 every day and sometimes even more; depending on how you work hard and how you follow the strategy I am giving to you.

The most interesting part of Neobux is that it’s totally free, you don’t need to pay anything while registering with Neobux. It’s possible without any investment, but what you mostly need is consistency and patience. If you want to be successful on Neobux then you have to be patient.

So, let’s start with the strategy which I have made for you.
I am using Neobux form a long time. So I have bit experience what’s will be possible on Neobux and what’s not. I’m sure that all this information will be so useful to you for making good money with Neobux.

So firstly I’ll what is Neobux:


Neobux is a paid-to-click site where you can make money by only viewing/clicking on ads. Advertisers pay them to show their advertisements to people like you. Whenever you visit one of these ads, Neobux instantly paid you for viewing those ads.

Usually, starting with a standard membership, you can earn $0.001 per click or a portion of it. Well I know it doesn’t look like high earnings.
But don’t worry! You going to earn more.
Most of the people fail with this program because they are not patient or they want to earn quickly. As a result, they quit and starts finding some other money making methods. So make sure that you stick to Neobux consistently and be patient. Within few months, you should be able to make at least $20 per day.
If you are not a member of Neobux then, click here to join Neobux. It’s totally free and you will require only 2-3 minutes for sign up and validation.

Once you sign up, you can start viewing ads available to you and start earning. These ads will fewer value ads it will give you 0.001 per click. But as I told you, you have to be patient you will earn more.

So What’s Going to Increase Your Income?

The best and more effective way to earn with Neobux is by renting referrals. But you need some money to rent referrals. Referrals are people whom you refer to Neobux, and will work for you for a specific period.So the more referrals you can have, the more you earn.
There are two types of referrals in Neobux
1. Rented referrals: Which you will rent form Neobux by paying some amount.
2. Direct referrals: Which you will get by referring other people to join your account.
The direct referrals are hard to get if you can get it then its good but if not then the best option is to go with renting referrals.

In Neobux there is a package of rented referrals like a group of 3,5 etc. For renting your first 3 referrals you need 0.6$. So, you will be thinking from where this 0.6$ will come, well you have to make at least 0.6$ by clicking ads or if you are good at doing tasks then go for it, it takes hardly less the one month to get 0.6$.

But before renting your first referral let me tell you one thing, you have to also maintain your referrals and you also require money for that. So, instead of renting referral as soon as you reach 0.6$, wait till you get 3$ in your account. So, that it will be easy for you to manage the referrals. When you first rent referral they will be last longer for 30 days in your account, after that you have to extend them for a longer period. I think you are confused, and not getting what I want to tell you.


Follow these steps for understanding it in a better way:

Step First: Start clicking ads every day and don’t miss a single ad. It’s very important to click ads or you can prefer doing tasks for making your journey faster to the 3$. You can earn more money from the adprize, Neobux gives 3 chances per 1 advertisement click, make sure that you click all the adprize so that you can get 2$,50$,100$,10000 Neopoints etc, click every adprize daily.
Also, you need to have minimum 100 clicks so you can start getting direct referrals. When you have earned $3, rent your first 3 referrals. And extend them for a specific time.

Step Two: Once you have rented your first 3 referrals, turn autopay on. This option is available from the referrals list menu.
Referrals cost 0.30 a month to maintain. But you don’t have to pay for the referrals. They will pay for themselves as long as autopay is on. You get one penny less from each referral, but they will be your referral as long as they are active. Standard members earn 0.005 per click from each rented referral.

0.005 per ad x 4 ads a day x 3 referrals = $0.06 per day

Step Third: When you rent your referral keep in mind that you have to click 4 orange ads daily in a server time to earn the income from your referral next day.

Step Four: Keep renting referrals by increments of 3 whenever you have enough balance. It’s also a good idea to rent bigger packages if possible.
Repeat this process until you have 300 referrals. This will take a few months to accomplish, maybe a little more sometimes. But it’s fine.

0.005 per ad x 4 ads a day x 300 referrals = $6 per day

So your earnings now will be around $6 per day.
Please understand that this example assumes that all of your referrals are active on a daily basis. But it’s not an ideal world, and this kind of scenario is highly rare. Basically, you need more than 300 referrals to get 300 active referrals.
When you have 300 active referrals, it’s time to stop renting new referrals. Now you need to maintain the referrals you already have. Pretty soon, you should have $90 in your account balance. Use it to upgrade to Golden membership.

Step Five: As a Golden member, your referral earnings will double. You will make 0.01 per referral click instead of 0.005. Also, you will get 0.01 on your own clicks, instead of just 0.001!

So, now
Referral clicks:
0.01 per ad x 4 ads a day x 500 referrals = $20 per day

Personal clicks:
0.01 per ad x 10 ads a day = $0.10 per day

Your total daily earnings:
20.00 + 0.10 = $20.10 per day

Now you may be interested to cash out. But I suggest you to cash out only when you reach 2000 referrals. Keep renting more referrals until you have 2,000. Now, you should be making well over $20 to $30 a day.
If you continue the strategy even longer, you will soon make $100 per day.

Final Precautions:

1. Be patient and consistent, so that you will not lose any ads and can earn more faster.

2. Don’t rent referral when 0.6$, wait until you reach 3$, because if you rent referrals at $0.6, then now you don’t have money for extending referrals. So, wait until you reach 3$.

3. The good option provides by Neobux is that if your referral is not clicking for so many days then you can recycle that referral by paying some amount.(I will post another article for managing referrals).

4. After renting your first 3 referrals don’t forget to turn your autopay on, so that referrals will be paid for themselves and your money will not get deducted.

5. Keep in mind that you have to click 4 orange ads daily in server time to earn income from referral.

6. Wait till you have 2000 referrals and the start to cash out your money.

If you still have any doubts on Neobux, then you can search on google for the payment proofs of Neobux. If you not registered for this program then you must register for earning some extra money in your free time.

Click Here to Register with Neobux.

If you have any doubt or any question about this program you can contact us, we will try to solve your problems.

Happy Earning!!

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