Tired Farmer Sends Rs.1,064 To The Prime Minister, Here Is How Modi Ji Deal With It

Farmer With Modi Government

Some days before, a breaking news emerged of an onion farmer, Sanjay Sathe, who sold his 750 KG of Onion at Rs. 1,064. He sends all earning to the Prime Minister. 

With it, he stated that the money was for the Disaster Relief Fund of the PMO as a Protest. What Prime Minister did will make mind burst and feels shame.

The money order was sent on 29 November 2018 from the Niphad office of Indian Post from Maharashtra. We were expecting good decisions from government, but they come with an shameful answer.

Sanjay Sathe is prime example who representing the current conditions of farmers in our country. After hard working whole season he only able to sell his onion for nearly Rs. 1 Per Kg.

onion farmer

Sanjay Sathe had hoped that this step would make an positive impact, and he hope that government would provide some sort of facilities to improve the current conditions Indian farmers.

All the hopes of Sathe & farmers goes wrong when the Modi government say’s “He would have to transfer the amount of onion by doing Online Transaction”.

This is how Modi Government handles the situations of Farmers nowadays.

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