Top 8 Skills IoT Professionals Need

Skills IoT Professionals Need

IoT has established itself as the next big thing in the digital world, and in order for IoT to maintain its position as the big thing, new professionals must become a part of it, but to do this, certain skill sets are required. Below are 8 skills that you need if you want to work in this industry. Let’s begin with the Skills IoT Professionals Need.

Top 8 Skills IoT Professionals Need

  1. Networking

In IoT, networking is very important as all devices are expected to have some kind of internetworking capabilities. As a result, professionals with skills in hardware that is related to communication can expect to have great job prospects in this field. Knowledge in areas of connectivity such as Bluetooth, WiFi etc. is a must. Understanding wireless sensor design and other hardware will be another perk for people who want to go far in the IoT industry.

  1. AutoCAD

As the complexity and quantity of IoT devices continue to increase, companies will build software that is both flexible and stronger. AutoCAD can be put into this category, which has experienced positive growth over the past couple of years. AutoCAD is one of the best design tools, used in engineering applications. With AutoCAD, smart devices and products can make more efficient design changes at any stage in their development process.

  1. Security Engineering

Apart from security hardware, many companies are now hiring security engineers. They’re on the hunt for people that are highly proficient at spotting vulnerabilities, identifying physical risks, mitigating risks to embedded systems. There has also been an increase in demand for hardware security. Companies are also looking to hire individuals that are proficient in IoT security vendors, such as Orbit and Cloud Flare. This is one of the most important Skills IoT Professionals Need.

  1. UX/UI Design

Internet of Things brings together many different types of objects to communicate with one another. These objects can come in a plethora of sizes and shapes; some may come with their own displays while others may not come with anything. As a result, a much demanded or needed skill amongst professionals in this line of work is in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). A UX/UI designer will have an understanding of Service Design and Responsive Web Design.

  1. GPS Development

The GPS market has witnessed the resurgence of late, thanks to IoT. As more and more businesses and consumers are embracing devices that are location-aware, the market is now set to reach 3.5 billion in the year 2019. GPS technology is now being used in smart vehicles, wearable, and logistics companies. As a result, there is an increasing demand for professionals that are capable of creating IoT applications that are GPS enabled.

  1. Mobile Development

The Internet of Things concept stipulates that all objects are to be controlled by mobile devices in tablets, smartphones etc. It will become a requirement for all mobile applications, which will lead to professionals who have an understanding of how to make mobile apps for Android and iOS phones, most sought after.

  1. Circuit Design

Connected systems and devices require adaptation, adjustment, and deployment of chip design. As an example, certain applications that have been designed to take advantage of a longer battery life will require multiple chips and sensors or specifically designed circuit boards for optimal power consumption. As a result, there is a massive demand for circuit designs equipped with 3D design skills and PCB.

  1. Node.Js

Node.js is an IoT platform that is used by developers to create IoT applications and also provide an open source environment for which other developers can take advantage of. Various connected devices are managed by it, such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. In the past year or also, this platform has become increasingly more popular amongst companies, especially for those with low resource overhead. PayPal, Uber, and Netflix are just some of the most well-known companies that take advantage of Node.js.

These are the Top 8 Skills IoT Professionals Need.

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