Type in any language using English keyboard

type in any language using English keyboard

Type in any language using English keyboard:

For typing in any language using English keyboard do as follow:
(For better understanding you can refer from the screenshots I have posted below)

Go to your browser and in search type google input tools and hit enter.
Click on the first result from https://www.google.com/inputtools.


Now click on windows tab in the upper menu.

lang 2

Now select which language you want to select, I will be selecting HINDI language.

(There are many more languages you can choose as per your requirement).

Then click on the TOS and Privacy Policy and click on download button.


Your download will be started soon, after completing download you will find your downloaded file in your download folder.


So now you have to double-click on that downloaded file, and the installation process gets started. It will take less than 5 minutes for installation.

(After completing installation you will get a message)


Now you have to look at your computer’s bottom taskbar, at right you will find one tag named ENG, from there you can handle languages.


so, lets click on that ENG tag, one small box will open and now you have to choose a language which you have installed, in my case it is Hindi so I will select Hindi.


So, you have set all. Now go to notepad or any text editor and type through your keyboard and you will get output in HINDI.  

(Your specified language)


After typing in your specified language you can save that as we regular save all files.
If you want to close that language then simply do reverse what we do before.
Then go to the bottom taskbar and click on that language tag again, and click on ENGLISH. So you will be using your default computer language again.


So, from this, you can easily type in your specified language using your English keyboard.

For better understanding check out video: Click Here

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